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What’s your Carbon Footprint? by Laura
February 27, 2009, 3:14 pm
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Ok, I’m no where near as green as I’d like to be, just take a peek at my garage  ; )

BUT, I believe that we can all make a difference from our small decisions to our largest ones, while still enjoying life and living the way you like.

Yahoo has a great little Carbon Footprint Calculator – take the challenge! I calculated for our household, and we produce 17.3 metric tons – sounds like a lot!


Thrifty Thursday :: FREE Sample from Victoria Secret by Laura
February 26, 2009, 4:29 pm
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How can you beat Free? Now that’s thrifty ; )

Victoria Secret is now giving away a free sample of their new Energizing Body Lotion. By downloading this “email” – go into the store and grab your free green product! But of course the usual limitations are there, and it’s only available until March 2nd – so go quickly!

It’s natural, 0rganic and contains 100% ingredients. That sounds like a win-win.

About the Body Lotion:

Our energizing body lotion is light, non-greasy and infused with subtle brighteners to help restore a healthy-looking glow. Packed with U.S.-sourced Citrus and Organic Mint to invigorate, plus a boost of caffeine from Organic Coffee Beans to energize and tone. Apply all over to reveal soft, radiant-looking skin from tip to toes. Domestic.

Waggin’ Wednesdays! :: Dealing with the Messes by Laura
February 25, 2009, 10:27 pm
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It’s inevitable…I’m pretty sure I have been cleaning up after Isabelle since the day we brought her home. I’ve tried what seems like an endless string of methods and products, as I’m sure every pet owner has. I had the best luck with the recommendations from my favorite pet supply company, Dr. Foster’s & Smith. They are Veterinarians that have created a great resource for pet supplies, from cats, dogs, bunnies, ponds, fish, the whole gammut. While I have tried the “Nature’s Miracle” and it works wonderfully – Dr. Fosters & Smith has recently started making “green” cleaning products.

‘Earth Friendly Pet Odor & Stain Cleaner Spray

The green way to clean. 100% natural, biodegradable formula utilizes natural enzymes to eliminate your worst organic pet stains and odors, guaranteed. Use on carpets, fabric, rugs, furniture, floors and all water-safe surfaces – never fades colors or sets stains.

Pet Organics Grooming Sprays

Eliminates stains and odors at the source, Fresh scent lingers long after you clean, Helps to prevent dirt, dust, and dander from adhering to your dog’s coat

Product Review :: Jesse Jane’s Jewelry Pendants by Laura
February 24, 2009, 1:46 pm
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dsc_9936-mediumLast night I was the happy recipient of one of the funnest packages I have received in a while.

This was my first order off of Etsy (I know. I’m a loser…) and I’m so glad I did, and look forward to ordering more!

Jesse Jane has developed one of the cutest ways to “reuse” a product. She makes adorable and very pretty jewelry from Scrabble game tiles. Her shop also offers bamboo pendants (a very green product), domino tile pendants, magnet sets, and tins.

I ordered the 5 pack, for a nicely reduced price. Buy more and save? I’m always a ham for that.

I was impressed from the start, the package was made out of a colorful paper, carefully done to precisely fit the items.

Once you open this (you feel bad ripping into it!) you’re greeted with an adorable handcrafted thank you note, as well as a little slip about the shop and another thank you signature. You certainly don’t get that when ordering from a big company.

The pieces are in a very nice fabric pouch that you can keep them in. I found it handy to tote the 2 of them to both bathrooms in the house, so I can remember to wear them when I’m getting ready in the morning. AND it keeps that super shine nice and safe.

dscf0443-medium dsc_9922-medium dsc_9915-medium

I highly suggest purchasing from Jesse Jane’s Etsy shop, they are a great “Green” item (hey, she even has green items) and are just plain cool. The window finish on them make them shine in any light, the construction is high quality, and the service can’t be beat.

dsc_9934-medium dsc_9914-medium dsc_9913-medium

Manic Monday :: Winding Down from the Care 2 Crop by Laura
February 23, 2009, 10:37 am
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Meghan over at Care to Crop and i give a crop and all of the ladies that attended the event – raised $4,200 as of today (donations still coming in, yay!) for the Cornerstone Hospice. As a little time donation to the event, I designed the graphics for their website banner and their actual banners for the event. Check them out in my online portfolio, and feel free to peruse the whole thing! More of my photography will be added sometime shortly (when I find time, haha).

Also be sure to check out all of the great sponsors and companies who made the event possible!

Sweet! :: “Green” Cupcakerie by Laura
February 20, 2009, 11:57 am
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Care to Crop is this Saturday – and “Sweet! By Good Golly Miss Holly” is being gracious enough to donate cupcakes for the event (I’m sorry I’m missing out on those!). What makes these awesome cupcakes even “sweeter” is that they make a “Green” Promise.

They use natural organic products whenever possible, and their serving accessories are “all natural, organic, and eco-friendly.”

Read about their “Green” Promise HERE.

Thrifty Thursday :: Fun Eco-Friendly Products for $1 by Laura
February 19, 2009, 5:03 pm
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For today’s Thrift Thursday, we have two great products for $1. How great is that?

At Urban Outfitters:  Give a bird a home!

This folding cardboard birdhouse really is for the birds – it’s coated for water resistance and comes with a sturdy wooden dowel perch. Easy and fun to assemble, and…it’s cheep cheep! Imported. Wipe clean.
* 4.5″w, 9.75″h, 3.75″d
* Cardboard, with wooden perch

Another item at Urban Outfitters: Start a Mini Terrarium!

Inside this tiny little terrarium is a garden waiting to be grown. Choose from polka dotted plants, clovers, cacti, herbs, brain-shaped flowers or a Venus flytrap. Simply follow the super-simple directions on the back and watch it grow! Made in the USA.
* 2″w, 2.5″h
* Plastic, planting mixture, seed, paper

Don’t forget to check out Meghan at “i give a crop” to check out her Thrifty Thursday Scrapbooking Blog!