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Project 1 :: Moving into the Craft Cart by Laura
February 11, 2009, 4:15 pm
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To give a little back story, about 6 months ago my boyfriend and I bought our first home – it’s a eye opening experience to go through every single bit of your belongings and assess: move – junk – or, really? I have one of these?

Once we settled in an started living out of the home, and not boxes, I started to organize and sort a lot of stuff. I was about to roll this little past-its-prime tv cart out for trash day, and was disheartened by the large contribution I’ve made to the Hillsborough County dump, and the tax on the environment.

There it came to be, the Craft Cart (or “crap cart” as my boyfriend lovingly calls it). It was from a furniture style past its prime, so the first Stage was painting it to make it a little more pleasing to the eye.

01110919251 Coat 1 of 3. It gets a nice makeover with some of the fake wood grain showing on the edges, and a nice matte finished black top.

Stage 2 involved slowing throwing in everything “art” related into it..you can see by Stage 1 I had actually attempted to be organized.

I dumped everything I could into it – art and design class items from college, projects stuffed away, half made presents for family and friends…

0202091354a1This is what came of this: bags, mismatched boxes, piles of stuff. But, hey, I’m getting it all in one place!

This concludes Stage I and II. Moving onto Project 2 :: Pretty organized boxes (Reuse, baby!)


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Looks like you might need to find something LARGER to make into a crap cart soon 🙂

Comment by Meghan E

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