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Be a Cheap Date by Laura
February 13, 2009, 12:23 pm
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It’s been bashed over our heads for weeks –
tomorrow is V-Day!

How are you going creative and/or green for the holiday? Are you even celebrating it? It’s my boyfriend’s birthday, so we are celebrating his big bday tomorrow.

I found some great tips on how to celebrate the big day, while being “green”.

– Give your partner a massage, or something “sexier”. Also, “coupons” for favors are always fun. Heck, even a “free empty out the dishwasher” would get me excited!

– Chocolate is always a fav: try organic or fair trade chocolate (or from here) or fun edible chocolate boxes to keep down on the refuse (reduce!)

– Flowers is another staple: try eco-friendly flowers or even paint/draw/scrap some flowers up for your honey. Give  a plant instead! I still have my lovely potted plant from a friend, it makes me think of them every time I water it!

– Make it an adventure: go on a hike, bike somewhere new, find a new park in your city, go to a new museum or event.

– Jewelry, what? you haven’t noticed the hours of commercials? Benefit some cute animals while shopping… check out the “Fair Trade” section of the Animal Rescue Site.

– Save Water! The old adage that you see on frat boy tshirts is actually good for the environment – shower with a friend! (reduce!)

– Gifts – making a gift is always thoughtful and fun. I made a batch of my boyfriend’s favorite cookies for his gift.

I’d love to hear how you’re being creative this holiday!

Update 02/14/09 – Even without reading this post, my lovely boyfriend got me a big purple orchid in a pot for Valentine’s Day! Awe…


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I think showering with a friend sounds like a great idea. Although I think I’ll stick with showering with my hubby 🙂

Comment by Meghan

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