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Project 2 :: Organizing the Craft Cart by Laura
February 16, 2009, 12:33 pm
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0208091444aAs y’all well know, we left off with me just shoving everything into my “craft cart” that has been re-purposed. Now it’s time for the fun part! I grabbed some leftover pieces of holiday wrapping paper, scrap-scrapbooking paper and some pieces of scrap fabric (and dug around the scrap fabric bin at Walmart!) and started a’making.

0207091324Phase 1 :: Fabric tissue boxes. It’s cold season, so I took empty tissue boxes from work and started covering them in scrap fabric pieces. One in a thin green (what better color?) fabric, with some simple Tacky Glue. This proved not-so-great, since the fabric was too thin to respond well to glue coverage. BUT, I found some awesome pre-quilted pink fabric that went on like a charm. Instructions? Wing it! Every box and every fabric is different. I can give you some tips, though…

Cut the tops and/or flaps off, it’s tricky to adhere the fabric to these, it won’t close well, and who need ’em anyways?

0207091311Just like wrapping a present, leave some room at the top to tuck into the box and create nice, even edges. With non-quilted fabric, leave some room at the bottom too.

Start in the “back” or whatever side will be the back, or but up against the wall, etc. Use the tacky glue (or whatever glue you think would work, or you have around) and spread it around with your finger (yeah, feel like a kindergartner!) to even it out (so it doesn’t goof up the fabric and seep through).

Use some clips you have around the house to keep down pesky thicker fabric, I had some art clips around as well as clothes pins worked like a dream in corners and such. Keep an eye out for glue seepage with clips, sometimes it’ll stick the clip to the box & fabric combo.

Keep going with the fun glue/finger method and wrap the whole box. Once you get to the back again, either cut a nice smooth even edge and glue it down slightly past the first edge – OR, I’ve found that the iron-on adhesive works really well to give you a great even straight edge. You’ll have to use a little more glue to get it to lay down.

Once you’re done with the main coverage, cut the fabric at the corners of the box down to the edge of the box (let me know if that makes sense, I’ll post photos shortly). Apply glue to the “flaps” of fabric, (remember, don’t use too much!) and stick em down into the box, creating a nice pretty, even edge.

Accessorize, etc. Feel free to get crazy, ribbons on the edges, etc. Anything you may have lying around. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

I’ve found any box is great for this project, snack boxes, tissue boxes, just keep an eye out when you finish with any cardboard material container!

0208091449Phase 2 :: Paper Covered Boxes. I used some leftover little scraps of scrapbook-y paper to cover a nice long box to put my other scrap paper in! It came out very nice and modern, gives it a nice fun look. I also covered some little plug-in refill boxes with leftover holiday gift wrap paper, it’s do-able, but keep an eye out for the glue, it can warp the paper pretty bad. Cover up your mistakes with fun stripes of paper ; )

0208091444Phase 3 :: Fruit Baskets. It’s strawberry season! I cut thin strips of paper and wove them like a basket into the little plastic fruit containers. They’re handy for catch-alls.

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