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A Tutorial on a Tuesday :: The Man Cup by Laura
March 10, 2009, 10:59 am
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mancup1My “man” around the house tends to have a sarcastic way about him, it’s hard encoded into his DNA. So while I fend off my “crap cart” jokes, and his odd questions about what I’m working on – I decided to make him something…to show him what kind of things I like to do in my minutes of relaxation a day.

While fabric covered paper holders, with frilly ribbons and cute appliques came to mind…a nice manly pencil/pen holder was probably a better choice.  So I set off to my local LargeMart (name changed to protect the innocent) and got a small swatch of manly leather like material. I then found some nice black electrical tape around the house, and got creative.

Want to make your own “Man Cup”? Here’s how:

dsc_99681. Wash up a cup, I used an icing container (and who doesn’t need an excuse to use icing?). Remove all of the metallic material from the lid, make sure the rim is relatively smooth.

2. Get your manly fabric or coating. You can use leather, fabric, duct tape, electrical tape, sawdust, whatever is manly and available!

3. Cut a piece of it long enough to go the length of the container, plus about 1″ for overlap and minor trimming if needed. The height should be 1″ longer than the container for overlap and minor trimming.

4. I used Tacky Glue, since it holds rather quickly, and spreads nice and evenly. Start by running a 1″ ribbon of glue down the container. Have fun, use your fingers to spread it around! Apply the fabric, with the one edge right under the lip of the lid. If you’re container does not have a lip – you may want to consider 2″ extra overlap, for repeating step #6 to the top.

dsc_99695. Keep applying a thin amount of glue along the whole container, and applying the fabric, until the whole container is covered in the fabric/material of choice.

6. You will have a bit of overlap for the bottom, cut this into strips around 1/2″ – 3/4″ strips, ending the cut at the bottom of the cup. Proceed to put a layer of glue on the strips, and one-by-one, gluing them down, overlapping each strip in a nice kaleidoscope-like fashion.

dsc_99757. Once all of them are glued down, set it down on a dry non-stick surface, and weigh it slightly down with a book, whatever you’ve got around.

8. Once it all dries, your cup portion can be done. Feel free to decorate with anything manly, some strips of duct tape, some nuts or bolts, whatever!

dsc_99859. I then used electrical tape around the lid of the container, it’s nice, it’s black, and it’s easy to bend around corners and such.

Use your creativity!


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