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Waggin’ Wednesday :: Eco-Chic Pets by Laura
March 18, 2009, 9:28 am
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I have found the motherload of fun eco-friendly pet supplies, treats and very chic fashions for our four legged friends. I’m not mentioning them all, so check out all of the great new additions to my del.icio.us links.

Who doesn’t need super adorable, eco-friendly AND super cute organic treats for their dog? Sweet Dog Organics satisfies all of your needs, while satisfying your dog’s need for yummy treats. They have something for everyone: Petite Pups, Training Treats and Sweet Dog Treats (minty!) – all for under $6!

Now that we have your pooches salivating, it’s time to make them eco-chic, stylish and more adorable than they are! Annie’s Sweat Shop has a fantastic variety of super cute collars, leashes, beds, clothing, accessories….the list goes on.

Who doesn’t need reused neckties made into collars and leashes?

or eco-chic clothing? (yes, Meghan, some dogs CAN where clothes, why not eco-friendly clothes?)

or eco-friendly dog beds? how super comfy do those look?

DO NOT FORGET! To mention My Green Scene when purchasing anything from these stores! They have been great enough to let me review their stores and products – why not spread the word?

Can’t get enough of the fun Eco-friendly pet supplies and tips? Check out a few other great websites:

Eco-friendly Dog Duvets!

Going Green with your Pets!

Tons of Eco-friendly Pet Products!

Planet Green’s Tips to Go Green!


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