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Waggin’ Wednesday :: Our Feline Friends by Laura
April 1, 2009, 2:57 pm
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6737332_600Meet Illyria Francis. She is The Green Scene’s pretty kitty, and she has self-proclaimed herself the Empress of all things. A big royal step from being rescued from the apartment parking lot right before Hurricane Francis came to town.

Previously living in an apartment, and moving her into Illyria’s “kingdom”, the house, I have been fighting with kitty litter for years now. It’s stinky, dusty and very eco-negative. I finally came upon a product by Purina, called Yesterday’s News. This looks a lot like the bunny’s food, but it’s actually compressed recycled newspaper product. From their site:

Yesterday’s News® brand litters utilize recycled newspaper to create safe, odor controlling pellets your cat will readily accept. Yesterday’s News® is virtually dust-free, with no small particles to track around the house, and is recommended by eight out of ten veterinarians** for post-surgical care.

Click here for a free $1.50 off coupon from their website.

ALSO – I have tried “Feline Pine” – which is dust-free like Yesterday’s News and better for the environment than regular sand litter. But I have had better luck with the newspaper product. The one fantastic part of Feline Pine is I read that it can be used as great mulch. That’s cradle to cradle, my friends – woo hoo!

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This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

Comment by matt

Its actually some pretty good stuff, even in comparison to the sand litter that I had been accustomed to using for years. Now, if Target would just deliver it to the house and save me the shopping experience everything would be perfect.

Comment by Rob.M

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