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Go Bare at Your Party :: Solo Makes Eco-Forward Tableware by Laura
June 2, 2009, 10:13 am
Filed under: Product Reviews

Want to go Bare for your party? I do!

Recently I saw an ad for this product in a magazine and was intrigued. But much like some of the other eco-friendly “toss-out” tablewear, I haven’t been able to find any AND for a reasonable price. Because let’s face it, we use plastic/styrofoam cups, plates, what-have-you. Thankfully they’re recyclable….but why not be MORE green?

Thankfully, Solo has come out with the “Bare” product line, which the assortment includes renewable plates, compostable plates, recyclable cups and compostable cups currently available in select few test retailers and regions. Go to their website for your closest retailer. I am happy to say it’s at every Target in my area!

How cool is Bare by Solo? Super Green and Super Cool – they even branded their own term for what they’re doing….Eco-Forward. Check out their About Us to learn about how they’re helping out the environment, keeping prices reasonable and partnering with Keep America Beautiful.

P.S. Father’s Day is creeping up – are you crafting away? Here’s a huge list of great green craft ideas from Eco-Artware!

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