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Thrifty Thursday :: Dishwashing Your Way to Clean (and Green!) Plates by Laura
June 4, 2009, 10:32 am
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One of the top things I appreciate in my home from our apartment, is a working dishwasher – I love dishwashers, especially when I found out that statistically it saves water versus the ole’ hand washing technique. While mine is not a big energy saver, I feel better I’m not using as much water, and putting less water into my septic tank.

With this being said, and it being Thrifty Thursday. I have 1 Non-Recommendation, and 3 great thrifty dishwasher detergent brands for y’all to try!

First, my Non-Recommendation. Is that a word?

Palmolive Eco+ Dishwasher Detergent – Do NOT use this product! I am still cursing its name. Please feel free to read the reviews. Essentially, after narrowing down the culprit, it was the detergent ruining a fair share of my dishes. I am still scrubbing away this odd white film left on all of my dishes. I had to toss out an entire set of plastic tupperwear-like containers – it sticks to plastic and will not come off.

Seventh Generation:

Non-toxic, No dyes, fragrances or chlorine, No petroleum-based cleaners, No phosphates, Safe for septic and greywater systems, Not tested on animals, Kosher-certified. They have Dishwasher Pacs, Natural Dish Liquid, Dishwasher Gel and even Dishwasher Rinse Aid. I’m definately up for the Dishwasher Pacs when my bag runs out!

Mrs. Meyer’s:

Offers Dish Soap Liquid, Automatic Dishwashing Liquid and Automatic Dish Packs. They are phosphate and chlorine free and completely biodegradable. They use naturally derived ingredients whenever possible from corn, sugar cane, coconut and palm. AND “When we cannot find a plant-derived ingredient that performs to our rigorous standards, we use ingredients from the world of safe synthetics.”


All of the sparkle, none of the toxins. Method, along with a ton of great cleaners, offers “smarty dish detergent” tabs, dish soap, “smarty dish” pouches.  Their new “smarty dishwasher detergent tabs” still has a super powerful detergent that cleans dirty dishes without resorting to dirty chemicals like phosphates and bleach, but now in a lightweight pouch that uses 87% less plastic than the original. same clean, smaller footprint. (and is only $6.50!)

Happy Washing!


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