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Meghan Monday: Baby shower banner by Meghan
June 15, 2009, 8:15 am
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I’ve spent the last few weeks planning and preparing for my sister-in-law’s baby shower, which was this past Saturday. Since I have a room full of scrapbook and card making supplies I had been trying very hard to do as many projects as possible with the supplies I had on hand.

I made the following “Oh baby” banner completely with supplies that I had on hand. Want to make one yourself? Check out the step by step instructions, complete with pictures, below.

oh baby banner

1. I started out with a set of 8 cardboard coasters that I picked up at Michael’s awhile back for $1. I filed the edges to make sure that none of cherry print on them would peek out the edges.

plain coasters

2. Decide what you would like your banner to say. I decided that I would like mine to say Oh Baby with a spacer in between the two words. This meant that I would need 7 coasters.

3. Cut paper to cover each of your coasters. I used 5×7 scrapbook paper that came from the $1 spot at Target. It all ready matched, so I was in luck. I was able to use my Fiskars USX shape cutter and circle template to cut out 4″ circles that fit my coasters perfectly. If you don’t have a shape cutter, you can just trace your coasters onto the paper and cut them out.

4. Adhere paper to coasters with your favorite adhesive.

5. You need two holes on each of your coasters. Mark where you would like them and punch them out. I used the Crop-a-dile and it worked like a dream.

covered coasters

6. Cut out the letters to spell out your message. I used my Cricut to cut out letters using the same font that I used on the invitations. You could cut out your letters with a Cricut (or other cutting system), use stencils and cut them by hand, use large chipboard letters, or even use paint and stamp the letters on. It’s completely up to you.


7. Adhere letters to the coasters with your favorite adhesive.

letters on coasters

8. At this point you can personalize your banner. Add some bling, I added some matching rhinestones to mine, or flowers, or additional papers. It’s up to you!

9. Cut matching ribbon to attach your coasters together. I cut 14″ pieces of pink and orange ribbon and tied the coasters together with a bow. I left about an inch and a half space between the coasters so that they would hang right.


10. Cut 2 LONG pieces of ribbon for each end of your banner. Figure out how much you think you need, then double it. I cut my pieces 36″ long. You want to make sure that you have enough slack that you can hang it just about anywhere and not run out of ribbon.

11. Tie a piece of ribbon to each end of the banner for hanging. I tied mine on to each end with a bow to match the other bows on the banner.


TA-DA! I spent less than $3 (which I had actually spent months ago) and got a personalized banner that match all of my party supplies.

oh baby banneroh

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