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Meghan Monday: Thrift Store Finds to the Rescue! by Meghan
June 22, 2009, 7:59 am
Filed under: Meghan Mondays!, Projects

thrift store framesI spent weeks and weeks looking for a collage frame for my craft room. You know what I mean, those big frames that hold 15-20 pictures. Well I wanted one that would hold at least 15 pictures and was white. I was SHOCKED at how hard it was to find this frame. They were either too big or too small, the wrong color, or too expensive. I just wanted a frame to hold some of my favorite photos.  I checked everywhere I went and found nothing that would work. I’d pretty much given up hope.

Then I was at the Sharing Center in Longwood, FL dropping off food at their food pantry that we had collected at the Fiskateer Flip-Flop crop. I was given a tour of the food pantry, their offices, and shown their thrift store. My friend and I walked around the thrift store talking and I wasn’t really paying attention to what the store had to offer. Then I passed by some framed art and stopped dead in my tracks. FRAMES! I started to dig through the numerous picture frames that they had, for cheap! I found not one, but two matching collage frames. One held 5 pictures and the other held 9. Granted it wasn’t one frame, and they were old and ugly, but they would work. So I bought them!

It ended up costing me just over $5 for both frames (my friend let me use her volunteer discount). I took them home and knew that I needed to paint them white. Before I took off for the store I checked our paint stash and what did I find? A can of glossy white spray paint. Score! So I was able to paint my frames and I didn’t even have to go out and buy paint. I ended up with exactly what I needed for just $5.

So the moral of the story… next time you need something for your house and can’t find it at your favorite stores, put on your creative cap and hit the thrift stores. You just might be able to find something that will work, with a little help at home, for cheap. It’s cheap, it’s usually helping a good cause (if you hit up Goodwill or somewhere like the Sharing Center’s thrift store, and its recycling!

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