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Waggin’ Wednesdays :: PETCO is ‘Going Blue’ by Laura
August 12, 2009, 12:10 pm
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As you may have figured out, we have a little zoo at home. We have 1 Isabelle the half lab/half belgian shepherd, 1 Illyria the shorthaired tabby empress of all things, 1 Killer Pascha the de-tailed dwarf lionhead rabbit and 2 little Bala Sharks in a “long story how we got it” big tank.

Sound like enough pets? teehee

Well, I’ve mentioned all of my furry things I have to clean up after, but when have I mentioned my little sharks? They’re really one of the cooler fish, even my boyfriend who hated fish at first enjoys these spunky little guys.

On to the real news. PETCO Aquatics is “going blue”  – this means that PETCO believes in taking a preventative and healthier approach to maintaining a fish’s health and home. There are three ways they are going more ‘blue’.

  1. Water Conditioning
  2. Tank Maintenance
  3. Care Solutions

PETCO is taking a stand as the industry leader, and is discontinuing the sale of fish antibiotics, effective August 10th, 2009.  It’s not often that a corporation as big as PETCO can say they’re going to “do the right thing”, but that’s exactly what we’re doing.  We are going to help teach customers how to cure their fish through safe, healthy, and proven methods.  Find your nearest PETCO store and speak with an Aquatics associate for more details.

This does not mean, however, that we will discontinue REMEDIES.  We still have plenty of remedies available to associates and customers for treating sick fish.  These include and are not limited to Coppersafe, Ich Attack, Melafix, Pimafix, Rid-Fungus, Maracyn-Oxy and others.  We’ve even introduced a few new remedies with the category review like Lifeguard and Quick Aid.

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Wow. Pretty cool.

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