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Tutorials on a Tuesday :: Crafts for Everyone! by Laura
August 18, 2009, 12:31 pm
Filed under: Do-ables / Tutorials

Short? Tall? Old? Young? I’ve got a tutorial for anyone and everyone today!

Tutorial 1: Screenprinting Made Easy

Finally screenprinting that doesn’t seem THAT hard, or have impossibly hard to find supplies! Go ahead and find all of those boring fabric scraps you have laying around – and give them a refurb!

Tutorial 2: Juice Carton Wallet

It’s all the rage now, making items out of old product containers – why not craft your own super cute wallet?

Tutorial 3: Eco-Friendly Blossoms

(Pictured Above) Who wouldn’t think those blossoms aren’t gorgeous? AND they’re made of soda bottle bottoms! Also, check out the entire blog, I check it every day for really awesome ideas and tutorials.

Tutorial 4: Ice Cube Painting

I had an “ah-ha!” moment when I saw this – so ingenious! I almost want to make these just for my boyfriend and I to play with them!

Tutorial 5: Recycled Milk Carton Truck

Perfect for any little kiddo – and easy enough they can help make it! Check out the super cool asian milk carton that they make it from.

Tutorial 6: DIY Stickers from Junk Mail

Impressive, I would have never thought to do this! The things you can use these for are almost endless.

Tutorial 7: Making Old Books into New Treasures

Why not give some old books a new life? A whole host of projects here, from a wall lamp to making envelopes (my favorite).

Tutorial 8: Make Pasta into Bright Happy Colors

Another fun project with the kiddos. Take their pasta creations to the next level of artistic expression!


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