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Beat the Heat :: Hot Pad Tutorial by Laura
September 29, 2009, 2:48 pm
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While my crafty senses are rebooting from the Baby Shower last weekend, I thought I’d share a fun and very pretty hot pad tutorial that miss Meghan sent me. It looks like you might need a third hand, but when I looked through the whole tutorial, seems like a nice thing to mindlessly do in front of the tv, etc.

Check out the Hot Pad Tutorial!


Meghan Monday: Green Fabrics by Meghan
September 28, 2009, 7:02 am
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homesweetI love fabric! I grew up with a mother who spent the first part of my life as a professional seamstress, and the second part of my life making dolls. So I’ve always had access to all kinds of fabric. These days I’m  not completely surrounded by fabrics, but they seem to have made their way into my most favorite hobby – Scrapbooking! So why not talk about Green fabrics that you can use for your favorite sewing projects or your next scrapbooking project. But fabrics aren’t the only things going green. We’ve also come across ribbons, fiberfill, and more!

Betz White, author of Sewing Green, launched her premiere fabric line over the summer. All of her fabrics are “professionally printed in the US on an organic cotton and hemp blend canvas.” She uses water-based, non-toxic pigment dyes. To reduce waste even more, she’s printing fabric orders on demand. You can pick up her new fabrics  over at Betz White’s Etsy shop!

Repeat Studio’s Etsy shop sells hand printed fabrics and notions. Everything is printed with environmentally conscious solvent-free ink on eco-friendly fabrics that include hemp/organic cotton blends, organic linen and linen/cotton blends.

Greenyarn produces its Eco-Fabric using “bamboo charcoal,” which is made by heating the bamboo in a kiln. According to their website, “No dyes or bleaches are used during manufacturing, and all benefits come naturally from bamboo charcoal grown in the mountains of Taiwan.”

Naturally Modern specializes in eco friendly, hand printed fabrics. Naturally Modern carries a variety of limited edition and out of print fabrics.

Cream City Ribbon® is produced from renewable, biodegradable cotton fiber, grown and processed responsibly in the USA with water based dyes and without chlorine bleaches. Inks are soy (plant) based and non-toxic. Adhesive is non-toxic and US Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved for indirect food use. Even the aackaging and spools are of biodegradable materials, with recycled content where possible.

Home Sweet has an Etsy shop full of beautiful, unique, eco-friendly fabrics.  Home Sweet’s patterns are printed on a 55% hemp/45% organic cotton blend. The fabric is natural in color, very smooth in texture and is medium-heavy in weight. They use water-based inks for their relative environmental-friendliness.

Waggin’ Wednesdays :: Eco-Friendly Clothes by Laura
September 23, 2009, 11:46 am
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A little something you should know about me and my friends, it seems I’m the only one around that thinks dogs can and could wear clothes. Meghan and her husband are insistent, and we’ve had a handful of debates on this. Today, this post is just for you, Meg.

In the search for eco friendly pet clothes, I found a LARGE amount of great stores offering great recycled, eco-friendly, organic and super cool products – and not just clothes!

eco-pup, the store with the adorable name, has a load of super cute doggy clothes in a varied amount of sizes. They also have a little fabric catnip toy for your kitties! Products range from coats, shirts, jackets, collars, recycled products and organic! My fav? The Jolie dress, too bad my little tomboy Isabelle would probably ruin it within 10 minutes!

five star fido, the store with a cute logo, has endless products, and a whole section for organic, natural and eco-friendly products which includes beds, clothes, collars, leads, harnesses, grooming products, toys, treats and supplements. My pick? The Paw Rub looks interesting, I know Isabelle’s paws get so rough sometimes.

fetchdog, also has a cute logo, and an IMPOSSIBLY cute photo you can’t pass up. They have all sorts of supplies, including beds, collars, leashes and toys. Check out the Pet Beds section, the photos are worth the click! My fav? The boxer looking all innocent on the sleeper dog bed!

Earth Doggy, is a very cool site to check out, they offer nothing but eco-friendly products. You can’t go wrong! While it’s part funny, part weird, the photo for the Crypton Fabric Dog Beds is hard to not check out. I keep considering the life jacket for Isabelle for her future trip on my parent’s boat.

Olive, green goods for modern dogs, has “doggy duds, tail-wagging treats and pooch paraphernalia.” How fun is that? Their tabs on the website are awesome, which include “play” “walk” “wear” like commands! Just for Meghan, a big ole cute chocolate lab wearing a raincoat! The modern cat scratchers and designs are very modern and chic!

Baby Shower Update :: Counting Down! by Laura
September 22, 2009, 10:44 am
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5540_246853710187_843835187_8239592_5247027_nI have been working feverishly on the Baby Shower for my Sister-In-Law’ish, and things are getting done, but it’s stressful. Add on that I will be out of town for the 3 days before the shower, and it gets even more stressful!

I have a TON of crafty goodness to show you, once I have better photos, and the even actually kicks off. I’ll have links, resources, things to do, to try and definitely not to do – the whole shi-bang!

Above, is my tutorial modified diaper cake, with a crafted and tutorial modified cupcake stand.

8323_283773170187_843835187_9070165_7905632_nNext is the incredibly easy,  successful and adorable onesies craft. I’m going to have the event attendees customize them with color coordinating fabric paint!

8323_283773175187_843835187_9070166_8190171_n 1Plates, plasticwear and table coverings? Why not go green and not so wasteful? I chose vinyl tableclothes, easy to clean and completely reusable. Plasticwear? I chose a box of assorted TerraWare pieces, and I had a big box of plastic forks, which I wrapped with napkins I already had on hand (why waste a trip to the store and buy new items?) I then wrapped them with a small length of green ribbon I’ve been using on all of the other projects. I then chose a couple packs of plates from the “Bare” line by Solo.

Cupcakes. Everyones favorite subject! I had searched and blogged about the choices out there that are ‘green’ and super cute. What I finally found and decided on, were super cute flower shaped little girl’s plastic barrettes. What? Yes, barrettes. They look EXACTLY like cupcake picks, but they can be cleaned off, and folded in half, and reused as cupcake picks OR barrettes! Photos to come.

5540_258763195187_843835187_8527766_575248_nCoasters! Fun with coasters! I have made a shower activity as well as a long Congratulations banner from them! Thanks for Meghan for the letters from her trusty Cricut, and the tutorial!

I also then printed out fun facts about babies and glued them onto the white backs of the rest of the coasters. So the party goers can have fun facts to share with everyone AND a coaster for their drink!

I’ve also made paper lanterns like these, minus the doily, and plan to stick a battery powered candle in them! Don’t forget the all famous pom pom‘s which I turned into flower pots. I also attempted the Hostess tutorial for candy covered marshmallows (not a great idea – my review later).

There’s probably a ton of things I’m missing, but this is just an update! I’ll get together more and better photos, and all of the tutorial links or how I did it.

Meghan Monday :: Care to Crop 2010 by Laura
September 21, 2009, 10:24 am
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Miss Meghan has been quite busy, so I figured I’d post my own “Meghan Monday” today, as a reminder to everyone about Care to Crop.

The 2010 date has been released, and they are already busy as bees working on making it even better than last year! (if that’s possible) One way is, I’ll be there helping out! (lol)

Don’t forget, they’re always looking for donations, sponsors, help, attendees, whatever you can do to help – all for a great cause!

TerraWare :: Earth Friendly Tablewear! by Laura
September 18, 2009, 9:01 am
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I have found a new Tablewear company in Publix! TerraWare says they are only available at the Whole Foods Market right now, and expanding, so that’s good that I saw them in Publix.

I picked myself up a set for the Baby Shower, and excited to try them out. The pack was only $1.99!

Here’s why these “Earth Friendly Cutlery” is so earth friendly AND better than the petroleum based products:

A portion of our product is made from GMO Free Cornstarch resin, which is a sustainable resource.

The cornstarch resin used in TerraWare is free of genetically modified organisms.

TerraWare’s formula combines GMO Free Cornstarch Resin with an ingredient for strength and durability.

Studies show that with the right amount of moisture, oxygen and heat, TerraWare’s oxo-biodegradable plastic breaks down in about 4-6 months. This makes it perfect for at-home, in vessel composting.
If you don’t compost at home, then just include your used TerraWare products
with your regular trash. TerraWare will degrade in your city’s landfill too.

Because TerraWare is resistant to heat up to 220°F, our products are dishwasher and microwave safe.  Other biodegradable materials used to make plastics, like PLA will not hold up to heat beyond 130 – 140°F.

The formulation, along with the fact that our injection molding facility is 100% vertical (they make their own corn starch resin from fields they control), enables the product to be available at a price consistent with mainstream cutlery.

Thrifty Thursday :: Cream City Ribbon by Laura
September 18, 2009, 8:49 am
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I may have a ribbon obsession, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this. I am actually excited to see new ribbon at the Target dollar spot, and try and come up with reasons to buy it all – that’s how bad I am. To make things worse, I have found a “green” ribbon company!

Cream City Ribbon is green in every color. From a variety of solids, designs and patterns, you can find anything you need, OR they can custom design ribbon for you! They have a lot to offer, from Specials and Accessories to A Kit for a Cause. The Kit for a Cause contains 20 hip colors and designs in a handy refillable dispenser pack and includes a small bow-tying guide. Give the gift of creativity and give back to environmental education too!

They also show you Techniques AND Projects! If you needed more to convince you to check them out, it’s been Woman Owned since 1988, and is VERY Eco-Friendly. Did you know that most ribbon now is mass produced from petroleum products? Who wants to use that for scrapping or gift giving?

A FREEBIE for Thrifty Thursday :: Some new eBooks became available on FaveCrafts. I highly advise entering in “ebook” into their search field and you’ll come up with a HUGE amount of tutorials. Download the Cheap & Easy Crafts eBook and the Beginners Sewing eBook here.