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Baby Shower Update :: Counting Down! by Laura
September 22, 2009, 10:44 am
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5540_246853710187_843835187_8239592_5247027_nI have been working feverishly on the Baby Shower for my Sister-In-Law’ish, and things are getting done, but it’s stressful. Add on that I will be out of town for the 3 days before the shower, and it gets even more stressful!

I have a TON of crafty goodness to show you, once I have better photos, and the even actually kicks off. I’ll have links, resources, things to do, to try and definitely not to do – the whole shi-bang!

Above, is my tutorial modified diaper cake, with a crafted and tutorial modified cupcake stand.

8323_283773170187_843835187_9070165_7905632_nNext is the incredibly easy,ย  successful and adorable onesies craft. I’m going to have the event attendees customize them with color coordinating fabric paint!

8323_283773175187_843835187_9070166_8190171_n 1Plates, plasticwear and table coverings? Why not go green and not so wasteful? I chose vinyl tableclothes, easy to clean and completely reusable. Plasticwear? I chose a box of assorted TerraWare pieces, and I had a big box of plastic forks, which I wrapped with napkins I already had on hand (why waste a trip to the store and buy new items?) I then wrapped them with a small length of green ribbon I’ve been using on all of the other projects. I then chose a couple packs of plates from the “Bare” line by Solo.

Cupcakes. Everyones favorite subject! I had searched and blogged about the choices out there that are ‘green’ and super cute. What I finally found and decided on, were super cute flower shaped little girl’s plastic barrettes. What? Yes, barrettes. They look EXACTLY like cupcake picks, but they can be cleaned off, and folded in half, and reused as cupcake picks OR barrettes! Photos to come.

5540_258763195187_843835187_8527766_575248_nCoasters! Fun with coasters! I have made a shower activity as well as a long Congratulations banner from them! Thanks for Meghan for the letters from her trusty Cricut, and the tutorial!

I also then printed out fun facts about babies and glued them onto the white backs of the rest of the coasters. So the party goers can have fun facts to share with everyone AND a coaster for their drink!

I’ve also made paper lanterns like these, minus the doily, and plan to stick a battery powered candle in them! Don’t forget the all famous pom pom‘s which I turned into flower pots. I also attempted the Hostess tutorial for candy covered marshmallows (not a great idea – my review later).

There’s probably a ton of things I’m missing, but this is just an update! I’ll get together more and better photos, and all of the tutorial links or how I did it.


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Everything looks great! It’s going to be a great party ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by Meghan E

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A definite great read..Jim Bean

Comment by JimmyBean

I donโ€™t usually reply to posts but I will in this case, great info…I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

Comment by Bill Bartmann

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