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FREEBIE :: Happy Thanksgiving to All! by Laura
November 25, 2009, 11:21 am
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Sorry for the slight blog hiatus, but I can make it up – a great free printable!

My friend and I are starting a great business, Just Icing, and to create some buzz, we’d made a FREE printable with cute cupcakes! Who doesn’t love cupcakes?

Happy Thanksgiving to All!!


Waggin’ Wednesdays :: Pop Up Animals by Laura
November 18, 2009, 3:51 pm
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Since the big “T-Day” is approaching very soon, I thought it’d be fun to take Waggin’ Wednesday and make it Turkey oriented!

I found a great and fun site with a whole list of fun and relatively easy and simple pop-ups you can make with just a little bit of time, a printer, coloring items, and scissors/xacto knife.

I recently tried out the birthday cake, and it make a really cute and one-of-a-kind card that was also a great gift!

Looking for something fun for the kids to color for the family at the holidays? Want a special card for someone special? Check the site out!

They have a bunch of cute animals! Turkey, Rabbit, an Ark, Crab, Bird & Birdhouse…even a mammoth!

News on Tues :: Eco-Positive Landscaping by Laura
November 17, 2009, 11:10 am
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My “Technical Advisor” aka Rob, my boyfriend pointed me towards a great news article for this Tuesday.

I applaud any and all LEED efforts, and it was news to me that landscaping played such a small part in their certification process. I’m glad to see landscaping (which can be positive for everyone and everything) will have such a prominent place in LEED.

Green building certification pays scant attention to landscaping, but it should, according to the Sustainable Sites Initiative.

Today, green building certification pays scant attention to landscaping, but it should, according to the Sustainable Sites Initiative, which has just released the world’s first rating system for the design, construction and maintenance of sustainable landscapes (with or without buildings).


Meghan Monday :: Have a Crafty Holidays! by Laura
November 16, 2009, 9:21 am
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While Meghan is out today, you have to put up with my post! I figured since I found a TON of cool holiday craftiness, it’d be perfect for Meghan Monday.

First, quick holiday gift tags made from free paint swatch samples! (see photo on left) Heck, these would be perfect and customizable for any holiday or occasion!

Second? Cute and modern gift wrap/tag made from popsicle sticks! You’ll get lost in her awesome recycled craft section (more awesome ideas for gift wrap!),  downloads section or tutorials section (even MORE ideas for gift wrap!).

Looking for an inexpensive, but crafty gift to give? Check out “a print a day“s downloads section for awesome printables!

More gift tags? More downloadables? Check out Bella Dia’s huge list of free gift tags!

Addicted to gift paper? Yeah, me too. Don’t worry! Fake Plastic Fish has a tutorial on how to wrap presents without tape or glue!

Know someone addicted to those Martha Stewart Pom Pom’s? Gift the gift that keeps on giving – check out Creature Comforts’ Eco-Happy Pom Pom Gift Topper!

Not enough freebies and tutorials? Check out Creature Comforts’ HUGE pile of Freebies and Tutorials!

Travel Friendly Tea :: Aladdin Infuser by Laura
November 10, 2009, 3:15 pm
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I didn’t clue you readers in too much, but I actually was gone all last week, and scheduled all of those great posts in my absence. Where did I go? Where didn’t I go is a better question!

I have SO much to share about my awesome trip, new green finds and fun! My first post back? About this handy little tea infuser.

We took this with us, and with some hot water, ice and a tea bag, we had iced tea on demand!

I’ve used this at work or traveling, and I’ve used the heck outta it. Reliability? Not the BEST, but definitely worth recommending. A small piece of the plastic did break off, but it still works fine.

Just pour water into the main container, microwave (with funky lid off) for about a minute, stick tea bag into little drop down infuser in lid, screw lid on and wait a couple minutes. Done!

If you prefer hot tea, there’s a pop off part of the lid to sip ’til your hearts content. I put ice in a mug and pour it on over!

What’s an added plus? It’s BPA Free!

Meghan Monday: Reclaim your cell phone! by Meghan
November 9, 2009, 7:27 am
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samsung-reclaim-green-sprintRecently Laura and I have been discussing what type of cell phone she should get. She’s got a few requirements, so there have been a few options. It wasn’t until today that I realized that there was one option we had missed – the green option. Yes folks, there is actually phone out there that is green – both in design AND color.

Sprint just recently released the Samsung Reclaim, it’s first green phone. Their website lists some of its best green features:

– made up of 80% recyclable materials

– 40% of the casing was built using bio-plastic materials extract from corn. Yep, I said corn.

– one click access to eco-friendly applications

– for every Reclaim purchased, Sprint will donate $2 to the Nature Conservancy‘s Adopt an Acre program.

– oh, and the phone is actually green in color as well.

– the phone also GPS navigation, text email, facebook, youtube, 2.0 megapixel camera, and a sliding keyboard.

So when you are out and about this holiday season looking for a new phone for your family or yourself, don’t forget to look into green options.

End of Week Prettiness :: Courtney Khail Stationary by Laura
November 6, 2009, 7:00 am
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I think my artist/designer side came out when my mouth dropped at the moment I found Courtney Khail‘s work. I guarantee you will enjoy every minute of poking around her website, all the way through buying everything she makes.

While I was tempted to put this under “holiday shopping” this is more like year round shopping. Her notecards are two gifts in one, a gorgeous notecard to write timeless notes in to friends, and then they can frame the piece after they receive and read it. These pieces (and I say ‘pieces’ like art, because that’s what they are) are hand painted and then hand stamped with an illustration she drew. Nothing is mass produced, and the client is always in mind.

Enjoy her online gallery, I was unsuccessful to pick out my favorite, see if you can! Let’s not even discuss her work for weddings, it’s breathtaking. She also welcomes Custom work, any artist would agree that new jobs and ideas are exciting!