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Travel Friendly Tea :: Aladdin Infuser by Laura
November 10, 2009, 3:15 pm
Filed under: Product Reviews

I didn’t clue you readers in too much, but I actually was gone all last week, and scheduled all of those great posts in my absence. Where did I go? Where didn’t I go is a better question!

I have SO much to share about my awesome trip, new green finds and fun! My first post back? About this handy little tea infuser.

We took this with us, and with some hot water, ice and a tea bag, we had iced tea on demand!

I’ve used this at work or traveling, and I’ve used the heck outta it. Reliability? Not the BEST, but definitely worth recommending. A small piece of the plastic did break off, but it still works fine.

Just pour water into the main container, microwave (with funky lid off) for about a minute, stick tea bag into little drop down infuser in lid, screw lid on and wait a couple minutes. Done!

If you prefer hot tea, there’s a pop off part of the lid to sip ’til your hearts content. I put ice in a mug and pour it on over!

What’s an added plus? It’s BPA Free!

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