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News :: Smart Cities are Un-Paving the Way by Laura
August 31, 2010, 8:55 am
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An AMAZING read that I highly recommend reading, and I dare say it will leave anyone inspired or at least clued into the nonsense that we have as the “foodshed” right now in the US.

Here’s a little snippet, “Fraser warns that the U.S. is making the same agricultural missteps that brought down the Roman and Mayan Empires: degrading our topsoil; banking blindly on ever-higher yields at a time when unstable weather patterns and depleted resources will more likely bring reduced harvests; cultivating a monoculture that’s economically efficient but ecologically ruinous. And talk about a vicious cycle — our fossil fuel-intensive, forest-and-ocean-destroying farming methods worsen climate change, which makes it ever harder to grow food all over the world.”


Meghan Monday: Repurposing is for the Dogs by Meghan
August 30, 2010, 12:33 am
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Danae over at Nae Chic posted a great green project for all of the dog lovers out there. I’m sure you all feel my pain when it comes to those tiny rolls of poo bags. No matter how hard you try, they end up rolling off the counter and making a mess. Or you put them somewhere they won’t roll, but then forget where that magical place was. Well Danae came up with a solution to this problem! She took a cylindrical wipe container, covered it with some fabric and VIOLA – a fashionable GREEN poo bag holder. Not only does it nicely dispense the bags, it will hold a few extra rolls as well. What a great idea!

Thrifty Tuesday :: Brush with Greatness by Laura

This six piece makeup brush set is oozing in modern coolness with keeping VERY eco-friendly. The clutch is covered with cork, and the brushes are made from real wood, aluminum and natural and synthetic hairs.

Get down with your gorgeous Eco-Minded selves and enjoy these Sonia Kashuk brushes at half off, only $9.99!

Meghan Monday: Prima’s Gone GREEN! by Meghan
August 23, 2010, 2:32 am
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I’ve mentioned before all the scrapbook companies that have ‘gone green.’ Well Prima took a slightly different approach with their Green Concepts program. All of their packaging is designed to be re-used. According to a recent blog post, ‘Every single adorable Prima package is designed with re-use in mind as part of our Green Concepts™ program. When those flowers are gone don’t throw the packaging away. Instead think of it as getting two products for the price of one!’ Super cool huh?

In that same blog post, Prima’s Design Team (they are called Flower Girls, how freaking cute it that?) shared some projects where they re-used the packaging and man are they amazing!

Waggin’ Wednesday :: Icarus Initiative by Laura
August 18, 2010, 9:36 am
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Since it’s Waggin’ Wednesday, and I had a spare moment, I wanted to introduce My Green Scene followers to my other blog, The Icarus Initiative.

A lot of things I’ve done recently, as well as throughout my life has, what I think, lead up to starting this Initiative. It’s hard to explain what it all entails, or will entail in the future…but it will hopefully help “those who can’t help or speak for themselves.” This means in two words, helping animals.

Please feel free to sniff your way around it (pun intended!) and hopefully bookmark it for great updates, like “Factoids,” “Ways to help” and everyone’s favorite: “Find-A-Friend Friday.”

Meghan Monday: Tiered Paper Candy Stand by Meghan
August 16, 2010, 1:24 am
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Last year we shared with you a little about Bare tableware by Solo. The “Bare” product line includes renewable platescompostable platesrecyclable cups and compostable cups. Imagine my surprise when I got my Craft of the Day email (you can sign up to receive them on the Martha Stewart website) and it was a Tiered Paper Candy Stand made out of Bare cups and plates. Way to go Martha!

Not only is it a super easy project, but it’s super green. You could go her route and make it out of Bare cups and plates or you could use some left over plates from a past party. Or maybe some of the plates you are using for that particular party. I mean how cool would it be to have a custom Candy Stand that matches your cups and plates. And one of the best things about this project is that it’s not a big tiered stand that you have to find somewhere to store after the party. You can either take it apart and use it another time, or just trash it if it doesn’t survive your rockin’ party.

Full of Hot Air :: Green Packaging by Laura
August 12, 2010, 8:18 am
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Recently I’ve unfortunately been ordering online for a number of things, and have received some usual suspects: under-packed boxes. Thankfully I found one interesting thing in my packaging from Oriental Trading: biodegradable air pillow bags.

It seems AirPouch produces quite a few air pillow bags for packaging, and has recently started using this EarthAware™ biodegradable (EGDC) and recycled material (RGT) for strong, durable air pillows that improve protection while reducing packing and shipping costs yet are environmentally friendly.

Biodegradable DuraClear™ 2000 (EGDC) is a linear low density polyethylene that contains a proprietary additive that causes biodegradation of the poly in nine months to five years, depending on exposure conditions.

I know I look forward to chucking my plastic baggies in my compost pile!