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HOORAY :: For Crafting! by Laura
September 1, 2010, 1:03 pm
Filed under: Do-ables / Tutorials

I have a confession, I’m not proud of this…but I’ve been crafting without blogging. It’s been a little quieter around the Green Scene here, not due to me crafting and being green less, it’s because I’m doing both…more.

Sound odd? Yes, of course. As you may already know, I got engaged last December, with an upcoming wedding in May 2011. I’ve been creating, designing and crafting up a storm, with a lot of trials and errors and even some AH HA’s!

My recent moment of crafty insanity? Straw flags. So cute, so fun, so…time consuming. Everyone has seen these precious little flags clogging up the blogosphere. Yes, completely doable, but I’d HIGHLY recommend getting some friends over and get down with yo’ bad selves. I whipped out 75 so far (I have 25 more to complete my $1 pack of 100) and it took me FOREVER.

But this entry is not just a warning, it’s going to have a useful bit!

My Size: 3 3/4″ x 1/2″

Leave 3/8″ on left and right for “text”, I left approximately 7/8″ in-between the “text” empty as well, for the wrap around.

1. No need for sticker paper, just print on regular white printer paper.

2. Take glue stick (Permanent) and glue stick the entire thing.

3. Match up the ends, and straighten things out (that’s why the glue stick is great, because you can wiggle the paper to line up nicely), press down and ALMOST close it together, leaving a large loop open.

4. Wash your hands, and keep a tidy work area.

5. Grab the straw, place a VERY tiny smidgen of craft glue (elmers, whathaveyou) onto the spot where you want the flag, on the straw.

6. Run the loop up the straw from bottom of straw (just in case glue gets around the mouth area) up to the area with the teeny tiny glue dot. Pull the loop tighter and swirl, so you run the glue around the entire straw circumference. Make the flag tight onto the straw, bending the paper back and forth around the straw works well to keep it tight and secure.

7. Admire your craftsmanship on one straw, yup. Just one. Step and repeat. and repeat. and repeat!

*Another tip: I’d advise against a color background, so you don’t see those white edges when things always don’t line up.

**Click on the photo for a HIGH RESOLUTION image!


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