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Complaint on the Complaint Department :: Circle Cutter of Death by Laura
September 30, 2010, 9:08 am
Filed under: Product Reviews

Recently I got a Martha Stewart Crafts Circle Cutter, product # MA281056 from Walmart. I know tons of projects for my wedding I wanted to use something like this on, including a circular reception menu and my recent project, paper Ball jar lid inserts using, what else, a Martha Stewart clip art and template.

This handy tool seems like a fabulous idea, a great design and a inexpensive product with endless uses. Multitasker, as Alton Brown loves to say. Well, I’ll say, yes, it’s a great inexpensive multitasker, with a very BAD design. The “handle” has insertable blades, which are protected by these little plastic tabs, where you insert in the blade and slide this tab out. Seems easy, right? Why yes, it’s super easy…easy to slice your finger open. I’ve done this not once, but twice. Am I insane to try it after I cut myself once already? No, well, not for this reason. I thought, like any human, maybe I wasn’t paying attention, or getting the idea right. I have gone many many years using my Xacto knife without a single injury. So I sit at my desk, put this thing in front of me, prepare, and then get out the blade o’ danger. I gently place it in, sliding the “safe” little tab off, and b-bam…HUGE slice on my finger. About 1 inch in width, and who knows how deep. I First Aided myself, replayed the entire thing in my head…and then decided to call miss Martha Stewart Crafts to complain.

Upon calling, I get routed around, finally reaching Martha Stewart Crafts help line. The woman was nice, but when I told her how the design has a major unsafe flaw, and that I’m bleeding on the other end, all I get is a nice little apology, and my “note” sent to the “Product Manager” to tell them that “customers” are having “problems” with it. Oh, and have a nice day.

It seemed pretty un-momentous for me, no freebies, nothing but I’m sorry and a canned response.

I think I’ll put this Circle Cutter up for when I have enemies that need one.


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