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Toilet Paper/Paper Towel Roll Fun! by Laura
February 15, 2011, 8:30 am
Filed under: Do-ables / Tutorials

I did some eco-friendly crafting during the month of December, to jazz up my otherwise boring office. The first photo is using TP Rolls and Paper Towel Rolls, cut into strips, curled, bent, etc. The 2nd photo and 3rd is of my coffee guard wrap holder thingies, cut into leaf shape, and fashioned into a wreath. All of these done at work, in a minimal amount of time. (PS make sure to have sharp scissors for the coffee mug liners, they’re thick!)

This is why I “oooooh”ed at this little tutorial. I have so many leftover rolls, I’m  set for life. I had friends and even our office cleaning lady stashing them away for me!

Enjoy this precious and super cool tutorial, it’s not time intensive, and will yield great results. Trust me, I have a low tolerance for crafty projects that are time consuming and difficult. The great bit about this is, when you cut strips from these rolls, the strip bends practically in half already AND you can reuse something that normal gets ditched in the recycling bin!



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