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Freebie: Organix Hair Care by Laura
March 29, 2011, 8:25 am
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Enter for a chance to win one of 1,000 free Organix Hair Care product samples. You can only enter once, and they are accepting entries through April 1.


How to Clean Silver :: Without Any Nasty Chemicals by Laura
March 25, 2011, 3:38 pm
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One of the items I keep an eye out for when I visit thrift stores is silver platters and interesting pieces for my wedding. They’ll either be nice to keep after the event, or they will sell for either the price I paid or more. It’s a win-win. The thing about buying silver from thrift stores? The tarnish and not-so-great quality of the product. So, I set out to clean these super tarnished pieces.

I recently did some research on ways to clean silver while not using any harsh chemicals, pain in the ass products, or spending a bunch of money. As you can see by the piece on the left, I had to get something that worked, and worked well. My first research result? Make a baking soda and water paste and rub, rub, rub. This method barely touched the surface of the tarnish I had…my hopes for an eco-friendly home remedy were shrinking.

So when I found this latest method, I was a little wary. It called for a pinch of salt, some baking soda, boiling water, and some foil. Well…I can say this method is AWESOME. It works like magic…black magic, I tell ya. I took some photos of the process, so everyone could see the difference…and how magical this really is. The tarnish actually grabs ahold of the foil, so make sure you don’t skip that step!

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Let’s Wrap! by Laura
March 25, 2011, 10:47 am
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I found this on one of the blogs that I read daily, and always drool all over the keyboard checking out all of the latest coolest paper craves. On Friday’s there is a “Weekly Wrap” post, showing a fun and interesting new way to wrap gifts. Today it hit home, and gave me, and hopefully you, a grand idea on a new way to use products that would end up in the trash or recycling bin.

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