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How to make a paper bouquet :: For almost free by Laura
June 4, 2011, 8:00 am
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To continue my “orange” themed 2-person soire party planning – I decided I wanted to have a small flower bouquet. I had office supplies around, some paper towel rolls and some leftover paint chips. Well, why not combine all of these?

If anyone has tried, cutting out big flower shapes are a PAIN. How do I make flowers without killing my hand? Ah-ha! I have a circle cutter (previously mentioned in prior posts as the circle cutter of death) and I have a small 1″ circle punch (one of my 3 punches I own). I used the circle cutter and made 4 varying sizes from about 4″ – 2″. I then cut a TON of circles out. All from 1 sheet of fluorescent orange paper I had around from another office project. Slice the circle and make it 3D, then glue 1″ circles around the edge of the circle – bam – you have a flower.

Next was the “vase” – take part of a paper towel holder, cover with pretty paper. Easy-peasy. I used some strips of the paint chips.

Making them stick in the vase? Paper clips. Yup. Straighten those boogers out (or opt for the super nice floral/jewelry wire) and bend just 1/2″ inch at the end to stick through the middle of the flower. Tape that 1/2″ to the flower. How to hide the tape and wire? A 1″ punch of yellow paper (of if you’re hard up, use a color pencil or highlighter to color some white paper) and Elmer’s the circle over the tape/wire. Then, just tape or glue the wires to the inside of the tube.

Done! Practically done for free with resources around an office desk!


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I currently having these sitting out in my kitchen!

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