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Hospital Survival Kit :: For a New Mom by Laura
June 10, 2011, 8:52 am
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Everyone loves buying, gifting and crafting things for a new baby – it’s natural. But much like everyone buys stuff for the bride at weddings, why not think about the new mom? She actually gave life to a new and very cute little human.

So…weirdly enough I stumbled upon this tutorial as if it was fate. I asked a friend of ours how her “peanut was roasting” since she has been full term for a number of days. 4 hours later? Her water started breaking!

So anyhoo – onto the crafting! A Hospital Survival Kit for the mom? Love it!

I took a “money shot” before I put it all together to show how easy, fun and cheap this is to do. I did this all in one stop to a Family Dollar.

Little cookies, blue gift bags (set of 2 for $1), facial wipes, beeswax chapstick (Burt’s Bees ripoff), BIG Hersheys, lotion, and hair bands. All for slightly under $10.






Check out the tutorial HERE!

She also has free printables, which can be easily modified for any gift bag!

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Very awesome!

Comment by Meghan

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