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Meghan Monday is BACK! by Meghan
February 28, 2011, 12:24 am
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I know it’s been FOREVER since I’ve done a Meghan Monday post, but I promise to be better about it this year!

I love love LOVE the How About Orange blog! Did I mention that I love it? Well last week Jessica posted about making gift bows out of the yellow pages. How smart is that? We all usually end up with a copy of the yellow pages (either at home or work) that we don’t use because of the internet. So how about snagging a couple of pages to make bows out of before you throw that bad boy in the recycle bin? Sounds like a plan to me!


Meghan Monday: Starbucks goes GREEN! by Meghan
November 15, 2010, 12:53 am
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I know this isn’t really a crafty post, but since we had some cold weather here in sunny Florida last week I thought it was appropriate. I’m not much of a coffee gal, but I do love the Pumpkin Spice Latte and Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks. They both kinda just signify the start of the holiday season. So when I was looking last week to see when the Christmas flavors were gonna be out (they seem to be out now), I found out about their “Green” Starbucks card.

According to their website, “We’re excited to introduce our first Starbucks Card made with 80% post-industrial recycled material. It’s sure to inspire you with its whimsical and modern design. And don’t forget – you can reload and reuse this card time after time.” I mean I all ready love the fact that the gift cards are reloadable (is that even a word?), so the fact that they are not made of of recycled material is just the icing on the cake. So if you are thinking about getting your friends some Starbucks cards this holiday season, think about getting them a green one.

Meghan Tuesday: Halloween Project #6 by Meghan
October 26, 2010, 12:16 am
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Another Halloween projects? Oh yes! I just can’t help it! I keep coming across all these super cute green Halloween projects and I would feel like a bad Meghan if I didn’t share them with you. Crafts by Amanda has another great Halloween project that uses recycled bottles (milk jugs and Sunny D bottles). For this project you’ll just need some empty bottles, paint, a light source, and a bit of creativity! Amanda used one of those tap lights that you just push and it comes on. These are great because you can find them super cheap, even at the $1 store sometimes, and they run on batteries. This would be a great project to do with your kids because since they are monsters they can go a little nuts!

Meghan Monday: Halloween Project #5 by Meghan
October 25, 2010, 12:26 am
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I’ve been saving toilet paper tubes for Laura lately (that we’ll be using for a special project that hopefully I can share with you soon), so I’ve had TP on the brain. So when I came across this project I just HAD to share it. A Glimpse Inside shares this wonderful Fall Garland made from toilet paper tubes, paint and twine. The garland has apples and pumpkins since it’s a fall garland, but you could just use pumpkins and make it for Halloween. Or change it to all apples to make for your favorite teacher.

Meghan Monday: Halloween Project #4 by Meghan
October 18, 2010, 12:44 am
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The Long Thread has been posting some great recycled Halloween projects. I just love the paper bag Halloween bowls that they posted. They are just paper mache bowls made from paper bags and tissue paper. These would be great to hold the Halloween candy to give out to the kiddos. They would also be a great project for a kids class. Or to make for a Halloween party instead of going out and buying new bowls that you can only use for one occasion.

Meghan Monday: Halloween Project #3 by Meghan
October 11, 2010, 12:09 am
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I am in LOVE with this recycled halloween project from All Good Things Come to Them That Thwaits! All you need to make this awesome skeleton are 3 (or maybe 4?) clean, plastic gallon milk jugs, an exacto knife, some craft wire, a hole punch, and a black sharpie. Even if you don’t have any empty gallon milk jugs on hand, you could surely save up enough to make one in time for Halloween. You could even spray paint them or add glitter if you want to go all out.

Meghan Monday: Halloween Project #2 by Meghan
October 4, 2010, 12:34 am
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Family Fun has a LOT of DIY Halloween projects up on their site. With just a quick search of their site I was able to find two super cute DIY green halloween projects.

How about using some milk jugs to make ghost lanterns to line your side walk?

Or using some toilet paper tubes to make some super cute pumpkin decorations? (you could even do this with tissue paper instead of fabric and use them to hold candy treats for your Halloween party)